Monday, February 1, 2010

The West Coast trip

Well, we just arrived back in to Calgary late on friday night after a VERY successful, and VERY enjoyable 2 weeks out in Vancouver and the surrounding area. Coming from Calgary, it was definitely nice to get into some warmer weather! Although, with the ocean right there, the cold in Vancouver really cuts to the bone...but still.
Also good to have some new scenery, and to make some new friends, and visit some new schools that had never seen us before.
Also had a couple great public shows that went over really well, including one in a GREAT theatre at the Evergreen Cultural Centre. We were included as part of their music series of concerts for the year. Very cool!
Now we're back in Calgary, just in time for some nice slushy warm weather. And a few days off before we get back on the boards.
Anyone interested - we also have a public show this Wednesday, February 3rd. At Our Lady of Fatima in Calgary. 7pm.
6320 Taralea Park NE

$6 Students
$10 Adults
$30 Family

Maybe we'll see some of you out!

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