Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well! We came back from a long trip out to Manitoba. We got to see some friends out there, including Tony who is one of the founding members (former members) of Hoja!! So that was great, plus saw some cool smaller towns as well as some of the bigger ones (Winnipeg! And YES, it is as windy as everyone says! he he), and then got ourselves back home to Calgary.
Well, we've been here a week, got out to a show in Canmore this morning, and now we're packing our bags for another week long trip out to Saskatchewan, and mostly in and out of Moose Jaw! Anyone around?
Getting ready for Christmas - next on the list!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So guess what? We just got on ITUNES!!! You betcha. Now you can get any or all of our tunes from our four different albums on itunes. Pretty cool - we're caught up with the 'now'! he he.
Well, Christmas is fast approaching, we're going to be getting our Christmas songs up and running, get them inserted into our shows, and head out on the road for a bunch of christmas shows before we get a break:
We will be heading through Winnipeg/Manitoba area for a week (next week), then will be in Saskatoon/Moosejaw/Regina area for a week, then in and out of Calgary for a week here and there, and we'll also be doing a pretty solid week in Edmonton into mid-December as well. So here we come - ho ho ho!